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The first WEB 3.0 cartoon series

In a world where it seemed that everything was written, governed by countless rules and meaningless laws, a gang of immoral kids have decided to change the game... these indecent ones don't plan to do as they are told, they don't know about chores or doctrines, they live on video games and pranks and will do anything to get a handful of $SUGAR....

They found freedom on the streets, they vandalize the concept of morality, relying on the idea that together they are stronger, they know who they are and what they are capable of, and they will take advantage of their sweet appearance to make possible a more immoral world.



The entire art concept was developed by Carlos, who has over 30 years of experience in the illustration and animation industry. Working for several world-renowned companies such as Disney. Experience, passion and creativity came together to create this collection of art inspired by a cute but rebellious gang of children aliens to morality and social precepts.

The strokes, colors and shapes appeal to the nostalgia of the old school art with which several generations grew up and identify with.


  • Mint of the Immoral Kids collection. Secondary market on the main platforms.

  • Staking and Token Utility (auction, raffles and others).

  • Establish the production team.

  • Start production of Immoral Kids Show.

  • Advertising marketing on digital platforms.

  • Selection of holders to participate in the Show.

  • First sneak peeks of the animation.

  • Trailer reveal.


  • Launch of the first episode.

  • Launch event with holders.

  • Collaborations with sponsors and IRL brands.

  • Road Map 2.0 reveal.




The algorithmically chosen attributes generate a total of 5000 unique pieces that create these distinctive characters.


Through the implementation of the staking, the holders are provided with our $SUGAR token. This will give multiple options according to your interests. You will have available auctions, raffles, the possibility of your NFT character appearing in our animated series, and other surprises on the way.

Our token will also be used to reward holders for all the collaborations and sponsorships received with real life companies.



As a team we have experience in NFT investment, digital content creation, marketing and communities. With these being our strengths, we feel committed to the mission of creating an entertaining and powerful show.

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Naveda: Investor and enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Creator of the Hispanic community of NFTs on the Solana (HispanicDAO).

Giovani: Entrepreneur and Youtuber with 1.85 million followers.

Expert in digital content creation and communities.

Viktor: Animation and visual effects engineer.

Bachelor in digital Marketing.

Advertising campaign manager.

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